Thursday, 3 September 2009

My Mum placed an order for Christmas. She wanted a silver bracelet. She like the lariat I was wearing that I made on the loom. She also would be happy with some subtle pattern. There also needed to be a secure but easy fastening.

This is what I made. A simple design using three colours of bead, two shades of silver grey and one metallic silver made on a loom. The catch is a very clever one I found in a book on spirals. Basically although each of the three big beads fits through the loop easily, they can't all go through at once.


  1. Gorgeous! It reminds me of a strand of DNA - how fitting, seeing as how you made it for your mom!!

  2. I shall let you know what she makes of it...

  3. ouuuu- this is so pretty!!!! LOVE it!