Sunday, 19 September 2010

Small Steps

OK, so a friendship bracelet is not the height of creativity but it is ababy step towards creating again and something new for me. This doesn't have the silkiness of the ones we made as kids as the threads were a bit more bulky and did not hold together in a single thread. It makes the bracelet more bulky and the individual notes bigger but I like it. I just had them lying around...


  1. omg, omg, omg!!!!!

    You're back!!!!! JOY!!!!!!!!!

    How ARE you? Geez, but it's lovely to *see* you again....


    Now how did i miss the previous post? Hmph!


  2. I am back... I wasn't going to tell you till I got a letter together to tell you off blog and to apologise for vanishing for so long. I actually have a new blog.

    And I soooo love Savannah's dreads!

    It's real nice to be back. Missed you! *hug*

  3. no need to apologize -- I totally *get* the vanishing....

    new blog? where? more JOY!!!!

    i know..she's awesome, huh?



    It should appear on my profile page?