Saturday, 25 July 2009

Altar, Alter

Today I received a little packet of loveliness in the post, all the way from the other side of the world. One of the things was a beautiful clay disc with different symbols on each side. This disc is for use in earth healing and if you want to know more then Miss R is the lady and this is the place to go....

Now this disc was so lovely that it needed some place good to go. My altar was the obvious place for it to go. Except my altar only really existed in my head. I had the table in place but nothing beyond that. I suddenly realised I needed to gather the things together for it and get it done...

This was the first ever piece of silk painting I did and I always intended it to go on my altar and now it is, finally, there....

Some time ago I started, but never really finished a hearth craft course. I found a beautiful stone way back when which has been living in my kitchen. I always intended to paint it and tonight I finally did...

Here is my altar with the candle I dedicated on my hearthstone. The little figure is a very plain and crude polymer clay effort of mine. I struggled with this type of clay but a little prayer and it suddenly played ball and moved into shape. The ribbon I was given at Bride and of course, my new clay disc.

In large part, my abortive teacher training is responsible for the growth in craftiness in my life. This is a papier mache mask I made in one of our art sessions at college. We were supposed to work in pairs but I didn't, I wanted it to be mine and I had a vision. I had to work like crazy to get it done in the time but I did... and I love it. She sits above my altar...

So thank you Miss R, I achieved a lot today because of a lovely little gift...


  1. I didn't know of this blog!! wow... love your creativeness... look at you!! so wonderfully creative and spiritual.. love the altar and I am so happy to read it is out of your head... and that disc is so special isn't it!! thanks for being an Earth Healer xo even having the altar is healing for Gaia xoxo

  2.'s GORGEOUS!!! I love your altar...freakishly, mine is quite similar....or not so freakishly, considering...:)


  3. I love your altar .... and that stone you painted is amazing. It has it's own personality and character coming through. Looks great!

  4. Thank you!

    Mel - does yours have a cat scarf and a stone and a candle too? *laugh* what are the chances?

  5. Hey!! How did you know that?!?! Have you been peeping in my window?!?! *grin*

    Yes, lovely cat scarf...bowl full of Cornish stones, a clay disc...but I have TWO candles...;) It's actually my 'personal' altar, as opposed to our family one which is in the living's a work-in-progress but I didn't want to wait until I had more "stuff" because I got this lovely cat scarf.......;)