Saturday, 11 July 2009

Wishes in Waiting

Sometime ago I added the intention of making a wish jar to my list of 101 things. I had read about them on the blogs of others and tracked down some things online and seen some lovely pictures of ones others had made.

A wish jar is a jar where you put little pieces of paper with all your wishes written on them. It helps them to come true.... And is kind of neat and lovely....

Decorating a wish jar is very personal and every single one is different...

Miss R looked at my 101 list the other day and asked if I had made one yet. This got me to thinking about it and this morning I woke with an idea.

I had an idea to cover the jar with air drying clay and then make circular holes in the clay so you could see into the jar, like little portholes. From this idea flowed other ideas. to colour the glass in the portholes. To paint the clay with my irridescent paints. To paint the jar black under the clay so it would act like a mirror on those parts....

So I painted it black and rolled out clay and squodged it on over the top. I looked inside and discovered it hadn't had the desired effect. It looked black. Black with the occasional stippling of terracota. Not good. Off the clay came and the jar trundled off for a wash.

My next attempt was to smear green irridescent paint on and then on top of this, some blue irridescent paint. I then rolled out clay and squodged it all over the jar. I then used my knife to cut out the portholes. Where I made portholes I also removed the irridescent paint.

I nearly made a lid but I wasn't feeling a clay lid....

The jar is now drying, which might take some time...


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing the end result....and to possibly stealing some of your ideas.....;)

  2. *laugh* but of course you can!

  3. Yes, it's not good telling us all about it - we have to see it too! The mind boggles!! Hurry, hurry and post a pic!
    A fellow journal wrecker, Hybrid J gave me my first blog award this week, so I am passing it on to you as a fellow creative. Just pop along to my blog to collect!
    As a thank you for the fun I have reading your blog, I've passed on a strangely titled Watermelon Award to you! Congratulations!

  4. hey good morning..Congratulations on your WAtermelon Award

  5. these wish jars are very similar to something Sr.K makes.. she calls them dream bowls.. love yours.. don't stress too much about the finished product.. it will tell you how it is to be xoxo

  6. It isn't telling me that it is there - it is telling me it isn't, a lot, repeatedly... And I thought painting would be the easy bit. Maybe purple is the wrong colour....

    The things Sr. K makes are beautiful... I love the sea horses and that dream bowl... I am familiar with raku glazes from beads I have bought and as beautiful as it may look in the picture, it would be even more stunning in the flesh...