Saturday, 25 July 2009

Pink Thing

The f m-i-l requested a long pink necklace for a friend which is to say I had absolutely no choice but to drop everything and get one made as soon as possible.

I went bead shopping on one of my days off and the sight of all those lovely beads distracted me from my anti-beading state and I accidentally decided on something a little more complicated than necessary. The result is a necklace that is sparkly and pink and pretty but really, really not my style...

I used...
Size 12 seed beads (little doughnuts) in pink transparent glass with a rainbow glaze, lilac translucent pearl.
Size 12 hex beads (heaxagonal tubes) in clear glass lined with lilac and clear glass lined with hot pink.
Size 12 Triangles in transparent pink lined with silver and clear frosted glass.
Size 12 tubes in pink silky (think the same affect as Tiger's Eye)
Size 10 seed beads (doughnuts again) in clear glass lined with pink and clear glass with a rainbow glaze.

The design is a simple spiral with three 'anchor points' and because each side has a slightly different length the tube is not completely straight is has a gentle spiral in it's shape as well as it's pattern...


  1. I love the pink. You don't often see pink jewellry and I love that it is so sparkly. You are very talented.

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. The morning pages have helped me to just unload a lot of monkey-mind and some frustrations. I did them for several years and then just got sick of writing the same stuff over and over again because I was so stuck where I was. I hope they are a little less repetitive now that I am not so stuck. I hope you find the benefit of them soon. It really is quite a journey doing this book. I haven't done all of the exercises at the end of the chapters but may go back and do them. I just finished reading week 2 this morning and found a lot in there that I could relate to. Are you finding it helpful and interesting?

  2. Not my thing either...but very lovely looks exactly like what a friend of your f m-i-l would wear....;)

  3. The thing about jewellery made via bead weaving is that you follow certain stitches or patterns. Once you understand how the stitches work you can play around a bit...

    I have an entire dedicated to this particular type of spiral. And there are loads of other ways of making spirals too. There is something about the geometrical nature of bead weaving that appeals to me but very often the results are attractiv but not so wearable!