Monday, 13 July 2009

Wreck This Melon

The lovely Wright Stuff has given me a beautiful little award. I love this award, it always makes me smile whenever I see it. So here goes! (and you may find a theme...)

Ten things I love....
  • I love the coaster that Mel made from my get a friend to destroy this pag
  • I love the back cover of my journal, I love squidging the hearts and glitter around...
  • I love the way the silk paints soaked through and how they look on the black page with white letters.
  • I loved walking my book...
  • I liked playing fetch with the lost page and losing it in the sea...

And now for some of my most favouritest wreckers (trying to avoid people I always give awards to)

Thing is, all the wreckers are so fantastic... Everyone has been on such a journey with this book and it is incredible to see the differences in journey, the sheer variety this book has inspired. I love it!

I am so glad Jamie started this for us and I am also so glad that so many old friends are on the trip too... Mel, Sam, Leone, Beverley.... If you don't believe how fantastic this all is go here....


  1. So glad you liked your melon. I got very sticky with mine with juice dripping down my chin! Yum!

  2. o! cool. thank you for my little lucious award. how refreshing!
    i'm awfully fond of watermelon as you'll see if you visit the sandia gallery at my photo site here:

  3. i'm so excited, my FIRST AWARD.. do i just copy the WATERMELON pic and post and give my 10 fav things> I'm so new to all of theis
    I'mm giggling, I have an AWARD

  4. Thank you sooo much, Rose!
    Being new to such things as blogawards, what must I do now?!

    PS Please give me love and deepest greetings to my favorite place on earth: Cornwall! Haven't been there for such a long time! *sniff*

  5. Thank you Rose, I love watermelon and awards, so I really feel lucky today! ~ tho I don't think I'm quite as excited as adorable Judi ;)

    And I agree with you about everything you have to say about this book and all the variety and wonder of the wreckers.

  6. thanks for stopping by to visit my blog & leave a comment...sounds like you are having a great time "wrecking your journal!" have fun!

  7. You gals are certainly enjoying this, too funny. :-))

    Hey, guess what? We have some high school students visiting over here from the British Corps of Cadets in Ipswich! Is that near you at all? Next year our high schoolers will be visiting Kent. Here is the story in our local paper:


  8. Hi Rose - just wanted to let you know you won an angel card in my giveaway.
    Just email me your address so I can send you the card.

  9. OOOh tahnks Bev! Can't wait to see it!