Sunday, 10 May 2009


My blogging soul sister Mel found this... Unfortunately / fortunately she found it late... Given the Creative Clutter addition to the rules I shall have a go on my lovely week off which is unfortunately, not this week but the next....

The Challenge:It is the lusty month of May and I'm celebrating my 100th post on The Painted Garden. Forsooth I feel a challenge coming on……So I am flinging the gauntlet at the feet of all those brave enough to take up this quest…..Search your heart and then…..Paint, paste, photograph, create, or compose your personal masterpiece in the medium of choice….Said masterpiece to be entitled “MY BLISS” and indeed reflective of that subject.

~Creative Clutter~ rules: There are none. Do it whenever, post it whenever, just be sure to SHARE your BLISS with us.....

This came from the lovely Granny Annie's Place via Whymsical Musings.


  1. Hi Rose. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love that you have a witchy side. I had a good friend from Wales, now living in Ireland, who facilitated a Sisterhood Of Avalon group and pagan circle. I loved it and really miss the wonderful energy she generated. I have not found another once since she stopped doing the group. I still loosely follow a pagan way of life finding joy and comfort in nature.
    I haven't looked at your blog yet but will do so now.

  2. I am not really sure how witchy I am right now, it waxes and wanes.... *sigh*