Monday, 18 May 2009

Purple Woven Maps

OK, I know this may not seem the most exciting spread in my niece's journal but I like it....

It is basically clear gesso mixed with lilac paint. I have a sheet of altered map from which I cut a few strips which I wove to make the borders. I then glued the two border elements onto the pages. The map was from a tourist leaflet at I layered on pink, lilac and metallic purple acrylics, making sure I scrapped off enough so the map shows through in places.

I love the map. I scrapped in a diagonal direction so the strips in each direction have the diagonal in the opposite direction. The blues and greens show through and look lovely with the pinks and purples. The metallic paint gives it something lovely to. Click on the photo and look at it bigger!

Go get a map and get altering!

For further ideas on bringing maps into art, go look at True North Arts! (and enter her contest!)

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