Friday, 29 May 2009

The Next Chapter

Today I went onto Amazon and ordered my copy of Wreck This Journal so I could take part in the Next Chapter, a blogging book group. I am really looking forward to this.... Only thing is this book was on special offer to come with two others by the same author... I had also promised myself a new (to me) Charles de Lint but the one I chose was also on offer with two others.... I fear there is much soul nourishment winging it's way to me....


  1. Hey, Rose, I just ordered mine yesterday too! So glad you'll be doing it as well. Hope my copy arrives by next friday. And I need to put a badge on my blog ....

    Lots of love, Sam

  2. Hey Sam! It will be fun I am sure... I think my greed for special offers is going to mean I start late though... delivery time for my order is looking at being a few weeks... Might see if splitting my order up has a positive affect...

  3. Oooh, I just joined too!! Mine is supposed to arrive by mid-week....(had to add a couple of extra things too...*sheepish*)


  4. I have adjusted my order and am awaiting my despatch date to be revised... *crosses fingers* Glad you are joining in too Mel!