Monday, 18 May 2009

Misty Maps

When my Dad retired from printing, I kept some of his equipment. Not as much as I now wish I had but some... A little treasure trove. Amongst these items, there is a large block that is a street map of part of London. Obviously this fit True North Art's current challenge perfectly!

In the top one, I stamped the postcard several times using black acrylic. I then got some blue ink and painted it on. Some parts were highlighted with irridescent oil pastel. Using a black highlighter, i wrote some questions such as 'where am I?', 'Can you show me the way?'. These words disappear somewhat into the map image but the map image is confused.

The second image was created using acrylics. I first smeared dark blue on with a glue spreader, then white and then light blue and finally a little irridescent medium. I then made some letetrs out of playdough as stencils and painted dark blue mixed with irridescent medium around the playdough. Then I put on some silver acrylic as well. I removed the playdough and stamped on the map with black acrylic. The words say 'You are here' but you will have to look closely to find them.

I love these maps and I think they express where I am right now pretty well....


  1. You are so lucky to have some cool finds from your dad's printer days. This map is truly perfect for this prompt.

    Thanks for sharing your techniques.

    Great choice of words to add to the page. As you pointed out having the words a bit lost on the page is perfect.

  2. What a terrific idea. They are beautiful.

    And effective!