Friday, 27 March 2009

Kenny's Page

Collaged with yellow magazine pages. clear gesso. Paint 'Black Dog' large with black acrylics.

Wrote a selection of the names we used for him in red gel pen round the outside of the page as a border. Wrote in orange gel pen around the page some of the things he used to do.

Used acrylic washes to create 5 'frames' getting smaller as they went in the page. lemon yellow for the outer one and cadmium red for the inner one with gradations in between.

Discovered what to do with my autumn blending chalk pack and used the yellow, red and prange chalks to make the colours radiate from the middle. (wish I had scanned it at this stage as it was pretty!)

Mixed my copper and gold metallic acrylics to give a more appropriate shade and then spread lightly over the top of the page with heavier dollups in the middle.


It has been over two weeks since I wrote about this page first and it has taken me this long to be able to finish as I find it a very moving page and finishing it has made me feel very sad.

I used the images from a lovely sympathy card as a template. Kenny was a black dog and his earthly body was done using black sparkle embossing powder and his spirit in snowflake tinsel embossing powder.

His name was printed from my PC and I cut the letters out to make a template and I had put some irridescent cellophane underneath. I used the template to sponge on black paint which I overlaid with PVA glue and then pasted the cellophane letters on top. Finally I added some sparkly stick on heart shaped stones.


  1. It's very beautiful. And I think, in time, it will prove to have been very healing.

  2. Thank you Mel, I hope it has been healing too... Nearly time to find Little Dog a new friend I think.

  3. I was touched to see your page of Kenny - one of my little dogs is named Kenny too. I hope that you find peace through your art and that time will bring a new little hound into your heart and home.

  4. Thank you Jane. I still have one dog called nicknamed Little Dog or Notorious D.O.G. (she is a bit of a handful! Way to clever (Collie) and way to quick (Greyhound))

    We will be getting another greyhound at some point in the near future...