Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Things I Want...

I popped into the big Tesco on my way to work this morning and discovered there had been a switch around in their stationery aisle and new lovely things had been added. They have increased their supplies for scrapbookers and card makers with more stamps, stickers, die cuts and pretty papers.

Some of these things are worth buying but others feel a little pricey. One thing I intend to look at again is their new lacey tapes and I may be tempted by their stamps but the real temptation lay further along the aisle...

In the childrens craft section they have added new tools for painting. They have shaped sponges and sponge stamps and sponge rollers and a lovely little pack of tools with foam tipped widgets and sponge tipped widgets and other lovely things for adding texture...

I am slowly learning that for my preferred style of journaling, tools are much much more preferable than pretty ready made things. I love combining different media and exploring this side of things which is why soul journaling appeals. I admire the other side of scrapbooking but it is very un-me.

I look forward to new purchases with new pay packet.... Unfortunately time is going to be limited shortly as there will be some long, long shifts at work for stock take.


  1. I always check out the kids art aisle...I use lots of kids stuff (and it's cheaper than the ART aisle stuff that's exactly the same, too. lol)
    Peace & Love,

  2. *grin* I am SO with you on the wish list...and yes, I prefer combining the elements to create my own combinations than the ready-done stuff. Although I do have a weakness for pretty paper and sparkly bits....:)