Sunday, 1 March 2009

Soul Journal

These are the pictures from yesterday with a few extra things done to finish off each spread.

Spread 1

This is my least favourite because of the muddy, dark quality of the brown. I am not sure it is finished. If it is, it is because I have given up on a bad job! *laugh*

Spread 2

I love this one. A friend of my Dad's recently died of a heart attack and he was only 46. When the numbers reached 46 over the top of the butterfly style squished paints it just spoke to me of living life to the full because we only have short lives really, like flowers and butterflies. The black hand outlines are embossed in sparkly black. 46 is the last number and it sits to the bottom right under all the flowers.... I don't think death should be seen as something gloomy because I have beliefs to help me believe the dead go on. Death is hardest for the living but then so is life....

Spread 3

This is a very gentle, subtle spread with the colours all being quite similar. The silhouette was done in glue pen and then lilac embossing powders used. The wings and outline were highlighted in copper with lilac ink added to the wings and white acrylic to the head. Even so it is hard to see the detail here and not much easier in real life.

I would love to hear what they say to you!


  1. These are brilliant. The first is so bold and lively -- the colours speak the message very clearly whereas the second is gentler, like you say,softer, calmer - more reflective rather than boisterous. I think they balance each other well - the buoyant, lively times in life and the calmer, more ordinary and quiet.

    Oooh, but I just got to get me some embossing powder! I was pondering it at the store last time I was there.....*grin*

  2. Embossing powder is lovely.....

  3. I think they are all great (I am a fellow "soul journaling sister"), especially the 2nd one. It is gorgeous. As for the 1st one, sometimes spreads I do that don't turn out "just right" are learning experiences...just let them be, learn from them, and move one.

    Keep creating...I will be coming back to see what else you create!

    Peace & Love,

  4. The second one could not have failed... After the first couple of steps and the bizarre randomness of 46 coming out of it, it just had to be a tribute to living life. I didn't really know the chap who died as I live a long way from my folks but I do remember him as being nice and jolly. Thinking about it there are other layers underneath that speak of the theme of the page: the ephemera was a diary and the crayon was used to make a spiral in black and then yellow suns rays coming from the middle.

    I think this one works because it is so full of symbology on it's theme. The first one never found a direction and the third's main purpose was to look pretty. I guess a theme won't break through on every one...

  5. These are all lovely, Rose. xoxo

  6. Absolutely love what you're creating Rose x