Saturday, 20 June 2009

Back to Wrecking

I wanted to do was implement some of the ideas I had had to repair and prettify the damage caused by walking my book.

I got some purple ink and painted the white scuffed parts of the back cover. I then watered down the ink a little and painted the parts of the last page that show when the book is shut. I watered it down a little more and started on the next to last page and so on...The idea was to create a stepped look with the colour slowly changing. I like the way this looks but it isn't as extreme as I had hoped!

Then I started work on the back cover. I placed some sticky backed plastic on the inside of the back cover and then placed some cellophane on the outside of the front cover so it stuck onto the sticky backed plastic where there was no book cover. The cellophane was some florists wrap I saved with words written in silver and on the cover it has flower and part of leaf.

I noticed that the there was a nice cavity and decided to pour some glitter in. I used pink, white and purple and then added some punched out hearts as well. I then sealed up the spine by using some silver tape and cut the plastic down to size. I used some tape on one edge to make sure it remained shut. I had to use some glue at the spine and a little extra tape to seal it up.

Now I have a book I can tape up and put in the post! If I hadn't wanted to create a book I could tape up to post I would never have thought of repairing the back cover. If I hadn't wanted to show the purple terraced pages rather than hide them, I wouldn't have used clear plastic. If I hadn't done all this and created a clear pocket I wouldn't have thought of filling it with pretty things. I really love how it has turned out.....


  1. I shall have to employ some of your repairing techniques with mine...finally bit the bullet and took it for a walk to the bulk food store yesterday..of course its been rainy all week so there were many puddles...I am now without a back cover...:)

    Your repairs look absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Yay for you! I knew you could do it... Did you enjoy it?

  3. Wow! This is really lovely. Beautiful!