Sunday, 21 June 2009

Butterfly Art

I love doing this sort of painting. I remember it fondly from my childhood and recently rediscovered it care of Caspiana.... So when short of time last night, splodging some paint on and shutting book before leaving it to dry was the perfect thing.

I used purple and pink ready mix, metallic pink and lilac, irridescent medium and interference violet acrylic.

The paints glimmer in the light and contrast really well with the muddy edges. I liked it so much, I had to do one for my Neice's book as well....


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful page! I love the colors - fabulous! Nice to meet another Caspiana fan!

  2. Thanks! Who wouldn't be a Caspiana fan apart from the people that havn't discovered her yet? *laugh*

  3. There's just something so wonderfully simple but so very appealing to the butterfly squash technique...I love the colours you chose...

    Having rather a jolly time with Ye Olde Journal now....

    And I'm SO IN for the transatlantic mailing...ever so much more interesting than sending it to myself and so much more interesting for the lucky postal workers who will be honoured to handle our sacred tomes...:)


    PS Thanks for the link to Kavindra's blog -- startlingly synchronous and so very funny...


    Wowzers, Rose! I *finally* received my package from you, and it's amazing! I love love love it! PURPLE!!!! And it reminds me of one of my fave artists of the 1960's, Peter Max. My new craftroom that I'm in the middle of setting up has purple walls and a navy blue ceiling, and the scarf will have a prominent place in there as decoration. Thanks so much, Rose. I am in awe. I cannot begin to imagine how much work went into that. Wow! I am showing it off on my blog today: