Monday, 29 June 2009

For Me?

The lovely Mel has decided to gift this blog with this lovely award!

The Guidelines:

1. Post picture of award with link back to person who honoured you - check!
2. Pass along the award to deserving persons whose blogs you have just discovered - more on that in a minute!
3. Leave a *note* informing aforementioned recipients of your bloggy award-love - will do!

Now I find I am not having so many new blogs added to my blog roll as I have had previously... That is just because I can not physically cope with too many more lovely people's lives and a full time job.... There are many, many mroe blogs out there I would love to immerse myself in....

But here are a few, and only arty ones because this is my arty blog...

1) A Clear Path to Happy
2) Mama Craft
3) Warrior Girl, You're a Warrior Mama Now
4) Here be Dreams
5) Knottyneedle
6) Little Scraps of Magic
7) Today and Everyday

I thin seven is an excellent number!

Each of these blogs brings little pieces of happiness into my life. They are all relatively new to me and (I think) this is the first time I have tagged any of them...

So thank you again Mel!


  1. Thanks so very much! Now I must go take a look at some of the other blogs you posted. :) xx

  2. And you're very is, indeed, a lovely number!!

    Now I get to go and have a look at your bestowees....


  3. Yippee! Thank you so much for the honor. Now I have new blogs to check out too - oh my.