Sunday, 28 June 2009


It feels like smaller steps at the moment... Doing pretty things more than reckless things...

I have started way more pages than I have finished...

The colour the entire page, page
The press leaves and other found things page
The sticky things page (I stuck some gum in and then managed to persuade F to as well *grin*)
The sample household substances page
The nonstop line page
The document time passing page

But I did draw lines while in motion (thank you F for driving!) and I really like the result...

And I wrote CREATE on one short edge and destroy on the other short edge and then metamorphosis on the long edge...

I also started reworking my front cover with some lovely irridescent paints...


  1. *giggle* I shall be sending you something very soon...if I can figure out the technology that is.....*cackle*

  2. *laugh* what technology? Did you know that cackling is the traditional sound of a witch? *evil grin*

  3. Even pages that I think I "finish" I realize I could add and add to - I don't know if this book ever will be finished!
    I like metamorphasis - I think you're onto something...

  4. upload technology...*attempts to be vague*...I've had a most crafty day today....*rubs hands together in fiendish glee*

  5. I'm right there with you...I have to get really destructive. Haven't done too much of that yet..

  6. I've read that an artist never finishes a painting, at some point they just surrender it.

  7. I love what you said you wrote on the out edges of the true from one end of the spectrum to the other.

  8. Love the idea of adding irridescent paint!! I have lots of pages that I've just started but, like another commentor said, there's doesn't seem to be any particular "end" to any of them anyway. Have fun with your wrecking (pretty or otherwise)!!

  9. Interesting to think about going back and reworking or updating or re-wrecking pages in the journal. How DO you know it is done -- when nothing is left, literally? LOL