Thursday, 25 June 2009

Sweet Nothings

What do you make a lovely young lady for an exchange? I thought long and hard and eventually decided to make a mobile... It had many incarnations that lived only in my head but eventually something emerged.

I made the letters to spell out her name using air dry clay cut with alphabet cookie cutters. I had to use the end of a paint brush to push them out which gave them an interesting texture. They are also all different thicknesses. I pierced each one with a needle to make a hole for threading them.

Once dry I painted them with PVA to seal them before covering them with black acrylic. Over the black I painted each letter with my lovely new goldens interference colours full of delicious glittery micaeous particles. I love the colour they came out!

I had ideas of threading them and wrapping them with wire and beads and having all sorts of bits dangling such as wool and ribbon and all sorts of glorious things. And I started this but it was just too much and it didn't work. I ended up rethreading the letters onto black cat's tail wire for added flexibility and fixing them in place with tube crimps and putting a lobster clasp at one end via a jump ring and wire guardian.

It may be a simpler look but I love this so much! Hope she does too!


  1. Oh and you know that she does!!! She keeps stopping to run her hands over the letters...must be the shimmery paints! I must confess, I also find them most mesmerizing!!

    Imagine a little girl capering about and chanting "I got blog candy, I got blog candy" and you about get the idea!


  2. I love this idea and what a wonderful response from the receiver of this gift. Isn't it great to make someone happy!

  3. Thank you so much for that Mel! And yes Leone, making others happy is always lovely... Thing is what Mel and I both know is that no photo can possibly show off these paints properly....

  4. Thats brill rose, n i bet it was mel capering & chanting!