Sunday, 21 June 2009

Is Beauty in the Eye?

I started gathering white things for my white page and found a whole heap of stuff. Of course, I tried to get as much stuff on my page as possible!

Here is a rough list...
paper: Watercolour paper, acrylic paper, photographic paper, crepe paper, toilet paper, tissue paper with pearl squares.
Tape: masking, electrical and label
Fabric: felt, cotton, lace, thin gauze
Fibres: toy stuffing, embroidery thread, KO beading thread, ribbon, irridescent fusible fibres, art threads
Pencils and pens etc: correction pen, glue pen, irridescent oil pastel, chalk
Liquids: wax, acrylic, glitter glue, gesso
Powders: glitter, clear embossing powder
Buttons and beads: flat plastic button, old pearl button, vintage beads, coconut spacers, cats eye beads, white millefori style bead, size 11 white ceylon, size 8 white opaque, frosted drop beads.
Other stuff: white netting, plastic bag, stick on gems, stick on foam letters, craft pom poms

As I made this page, I was working quickly and filling up space rather than worrying too much about placement. Some of it was practical though, for instance one piece of lace wouldn't stick so it was helped with some tape and sewing. Some was experimental, particularly the wax dripping.

I always knew this page would be about texture because it was to be plain and white. The word that sprang to mind when I got to the foam letters was beauty and I went with it, even though I am sure this page doesn't form to the classic understanding of beauty! I thought some more and the phrase beauty is in the eye of the beholder came to mind. I imagine this sort of page would be really interesting to feel, particularly if you couldn't see it. So is beauty in the eye? Or is it somewhere else? Maybe the mind? Obviously the phrase means what is beautiful to one may not be beautiful to another but....

I have some favourite parts of this page...
  • The feel of the wax drops in the toy stuffing
  • The three stick on gems together
  • The spirals on the gauze as they show the change in texture
  • The triangle of fusible fibres that comes down from the pom poms
  • The beads sewn randomly onto the lace
  • The gesso in the net

My scanner was convinced this page was black and white and I had to con it to make it scan in colour. Even so, I don't think the scanned image shows off the page so well. But just imagine running your fingers over it....

This page won't be permanent. It is randomly thrown together and will not be able to take much throwing around. I will also find other white things to add I am sure! That top left corner is looking a little dull to me..... *grin*

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