Monday, 23 February 2009

Earth Part Two

This is my Earth collage for Project spectrum so far...

The brown panels at top and bottom and the flowers in the bottom right are from an envelope.

The four triangular images in each corner are microscope images of very thin sections of rock, used by geologists to examine mineral content. (These are quite plain, many contain much more vivid colours as different wavelengths of light are used to identify the minerals - to look st more try 'thin section rock' as search in google images)

The central cloud like image and the image in the very centre are both fractals, mathematically generated images.

The stone ring is Men an Tol, an ancient stone in Cornwall.

I am really pleased with the result so far but have decided to experiment with some colour photocopies before committing to the next stage of altering the original. I will experiment with colours of paint mixed with glue and amounts. I want to bring the images together more smoothly before I begin working over them... I want to add a food circle around the outside of the stone, a haiku and some glitter, maybe in a nice triple spiral....

I like the idea of bringing the four finished collages together with the Goddess Reya mentioned. I am hoping I can find out who she is!

I can tell I am going to enjoy taking part in Project Spectrum and can't wait to see what others produce!


  1. I love what you did with this! It evokes the Earth element so well.

  2. Thank you very much! Very unfinished but I am nervous of continuing...

  3. i think the expressions seems to be getting more intense from those earlier ones..

    it's really very good.

    from Reflections / One Day at a Time