Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New Ideas (at least to me they are)

While looking on the blogs of fellow CEDers I found this blog by Susan. This led me to this blog by Sarah Whitmire. In this post, Sarah begins a tutorial on Soul Journalling. Looking at Sarah and Susan's pictures I am determined to have a go!

I have been reading Sarah's instructions. It seems I will need to buy gesso which will require a trip to Truro although I think you can make something similar with PVA and white paint? She also recommends cheap acrylic paint as these have much less pigment and so are better for layering and giving a wash effect. Today I stopped off on my way hope and bought some cheap kids paints. Bigger bottles of blue, green, red and yellow. Smaller bottles of metallic purple, pink and green. Little pots like the ones you get with painting by numbers and some tubes of more expensive white and black. Sarah also recommends Sharpie pens as they will not run when you paint over them, so a pack of these went in too.

I also bought a cheap A5 hard back book but I am as yet unsure whether I wish to journal in this or not. I could make a book... Or I could wait till I get into Truro....

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