Sunday, 8 February 2009

Soul Journal: Soul Armor

Today I have been working on pages two and three of my journal. Soul Armor! This is the types of things you need to protect yourself and your creativity.

I didn't want a big armored chap, it feels wrong somehow for me. Woman can protect themselves in their own ways and well, it is about ME protecting MYSELF. I do however have companions. I have a magical stead to carry me safely and two hounds (Rhodesian Ridgebacks) from my dreams to protect me and keep me going. These companions are most importantly friends as well...

I found images on the net and printed them off. I held them against the window and put a blank sheet over the top onto which I coped the features I wanted. I then cut them out and glued them onto my page. I added some colour by painting with my new inks. I then mixed some very sparkly eyeshadows with glue to create a lovely paint. This does not show it's full lustre in the picture.

I started adding text and I have finished for the day. I suspect other things will be added to this picture over time but it is fine for now... I have to say, I find this quite challenging and tiring!

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  1. Brilliant!! I am quite excited to move onto this step...and YES, it is a bit of strain, I'm finding!