Sunday, 22 February 2009


A little while ago I decided to look at the four elements and see what they meant to me, particularly as a scientist, and also their symbolism. I have just re-read my blog written on the brainstorm I did for earth, which you can see here. Reading this has sparked images and ideas in my head.

For each subject of Project Spectrum I want to complete several different projects and I would like to include an A4 journal style collage sheet on each. This is my current idea for my earth journal sheet and I shall start collecting images etc soon.

In the centre is a picture of Men-an-Tol (a Circular Cornish stone with a hole in the middle) Around the stone is a little food cycle with the animals flowing round the stone. This is overlaid on a fractal design which has been altered to make it faint. In the corners are nature patterns, such as those from rocks. There will also be a border at the top and the bottom taken from a pretty junk mail envelope. This is liable to change somewhat but it gives me somewhere nice to start from. I would also like to include some words on the page somewhere to....

Yesterday I also bought a pack of air drying clay and I expect to do something with this. I also like the idea of getting out my bead loom and doing something in earth colours. We shall see what else I get up to....


  1. See "what else you get up to"...I'm exhausted already just reading about it.

    Sounds spectacular!

  2. *laugh* this is over the course of a couple of months... I also have a habit of having my projects run over a little!

  3. There's one really old goddess (Chinese I think, can't remember the name) whose job it is to keep the elements sorted. Your project sounds like the work of this deity. Of course the world is a mosaic of all the elements, but they're distinct. Very cool.

  4. What a great blog Rose. Love the style and the color makes me smile!

    Please stop by Psyche Connections and say hello when you are in the neighborhood!

  5. Thank you very much for that information Reya. It might be really nice to draw all four collages together into one big collage with her in the middle. I shall have to do some research!

  6. Thank you Linda! I will come and have a look when I get back from work! I think all the girly colours are under-rated. i was a pink tom-boy but then I hit my teens and realised I couldn't be a tom-boy and like pink!