Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Numbers Six, Seven and Eight

Number Six - Heart in oil pastels

Number seven - Doodle Wave with house on top (no idea why) in black fine line pen and watercolour pencils.

Number Eight - Doodle in fine line pen and watercolour pencils. My favourite and something I will experiment with again!


  1. What exactly are watercolour pencils? I love the look of watercolours and have been thinking of trying them out....but these sound very cool. Are they coloured pencils that you put water over? I really like how they look! Oh, and dig the heart too!!

  2. The pencils can be used as pencils or you can use a brush to add water over them or you can dip them in water before you use them. Most colouring pencils have a nasty, hard, scratchy texture to them and are horrible for kids to draw with. These are the pencils I wanted as a kid, lovely and smooth and bright. You don't have to work hard for a nice even colour.

    I also have a beautiful set of artists pencils which have a very soft chalky colour to them. Had them for years and years and years and they are a little battered now!