Saturday, 14 February 2009


I have decided to alter my plan for this blog. Reading about how I did something yesterday but haven't copied it for uploading yet is a bit dull. Life happens and I shouldn't feel guilty about it. From now on I will only post the art and bits about the art. I will post no apologies or anything else. If I have no art, I shall not post.... I am human and I work and sometimes I have other things to do... *laugh*


  1. So you're ruling your blog and not letting your blog rule you?


    Looking forward to seeing more of your art though.

  2. I think that the fact that I even had to write that says my blogs have been ruling me... The creativity one takes so much time though! I am still not convinced I can rule the blog... Glad you are enjoying the art.

  3. I agree, I think it's important not to beat ourselves up when life gets in the way-I have so many days when I want to do something creative,but outside chaos happens and I just have to go with it. One thing I have been working on is trying to start a project even if I'm not in the mood- nine times out of ten I perk up and the juices start flowing. I'm finding that blogging is really helpful as a "transition" activity to get my mind in the right frame of mind for creative work...

  4. Blogging has opened up my life....