Saturday, 7 February 2009

Soul Journal Photos One (Day One and Two)

Pages Four and Five showing first two stages - Newspaper scraps stuck on and then written over with sharpie pens.

Pages two and three after third stage - covering with glue and white acrylic mix.

Page One showing the greaseproof paper that I had to peal off. I like the pattern it made.

The strange green squiggle is me covering up my surname afterwards. One thing doing this made me realise, is just how many names I have used! I have a name that lets me do that... As to Evil Aunty Rolo... That was my pet name that my niece and nephew used to use for me. This all came to an end one day though... Obviously I was an evil aunty in a gooood way... *laugh*

Her playgroup only allowed two people to register to pick her up and my Mum and my Sister were they. One day my nephew had chicken pox and my Mum being a nurse was the nominated person to look after him. My sister had to work. So the playgroup had been informed I would be there. When I turned up the lady gave me a little smirk as I collected my niece. It later turned out that in her excitement she had been telling the staff all morning that her Evil Aunty Rolo would be picking her up... *sigh*

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