Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Word Wednesday - Wood (Postcards Three and Four)

I promised myself I wouldn't write much on this blog, but I can't help myself. These pictures are attempts at reproducing wood grain. I used sharpie pens with some crayons inbetween the lines. I painted over with cheap acrylic paints. The pink and purple paints are metallic and have a gentle sheen to them.

I have placed them on my wall so I can reflect on them. I am placing them on here because I want to own all my attempts and experimentations. If I start trying to only post perfect things, I imagine I will always find some fault and never post anything. I also am hoping that next year, looking back I will have a fresh perspective and be able to see progress... This doesn't help me like them. I think I am judging them harder than I should, given the time they took...

1 comment:

  1. I must have missed these somehow!! I think they're lovely.

    And I am so glad you posted them...I felt the same way at my attempt at my trees -- I fought down the 'don't be an eejit, they're ridiculous' feeling and found myself quite pleased on the other side! :)