Thursday, 12 February 2009


Not much going on today. Absolutely dog tired.

However two days ago I started the next stages of journal pages 4 and 5. I dabbed the pages using the violet ink in my new set with a piece of sponge. I expected the ink to be darker but over the white gesso substitute it was a violent magenta. I decided to tone it down a little bit by using the other side of the sponge piece (a kitchen scouring sponge I cut up). This was coarser and the black ink i used contrasts well, if a little dramatically.

I have started collecting pictures to stick onto this page as per Caspiana's scavenger hunt but am no where near finished. I have many beautiful magazines with lovely pictures but like Mel, I can not bare to cut up my beloved national Geographics... So I used one of the many catalogues that get sent to us in error. The pictures may well feature a lot of clothing...

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  1. Yup....I scavenged some of the old magazines from the waiting area at work...lots of girly fashion things that I'd never buy myself! :)