Sunday, 19 April 2009

Butterfly Swirls

These pages were made using strips of blue tissue paper in various hues. I then put very long thin strips of silver and white tissue paper over the top. I then mixed some clear gesso with some cheap silver premix and a tiny bit of good blue acrylic. This gesso was mostly see through but added to the blue of the page and the silver gives just a tiny bit of glittery sheen. The butterflies and flowers were punched from holographic paper and glued on. At the bottom I used some art fibres but these haven't come out very clearly, they irridescent in two shades of blue and two clear ones with blue or green sheens. I then made little trails behind the butterflies with my glus pen and added some blue green glitter. I then spray fixed it.

As normal the scanner can't capture the play of light on all the glittery bits on a page like this...


  1. Bee-yoo-tee-full....

    *sigh* such a lucky niece you have. I decided my own niece probably wouldn't *get* it..she's not the girly-journally type, so am thinking of a different thing for her...not sure what that thing is yet..but....*grin*

  2. If it ever gets finished! It can be pretty time consuming....