Saturday, 11 April 2009

Photographic Scavenger Hunt

I have as one of my 101 Things, to complete a Photographic Scavenger Hunt. I don't like the idea of competing right now or of having a time limit. So I am going to take a previous hunt's list and search for them at a better speed for me. Maybe sometime in the future I will do a more formal and competitive hunt, I do after all, have plenty of time till my 1001 days are up!

So the list I have chosen was hosted by Nicole B Photography.

The list is as follows!

1) local currency
2) local flag
3) local food
4) something rusty
5) local wildlife
6) Local nature
7) local stamp
8) part of your neighbourhood
9) traditional house
10) a local person
11) local weather
12) local transportation
13) traditional local clothing
14) night sky
15) sunrise
16) local product (non-food)
17) something furry
18) something feathery
19) a sign of the season
20) a part of you
21) your main hobby
22) a local shop
23) a local restaurant
24) a street sign
25) a local mailbox

The only requirement for me, is that I don't give away whereabouts I live in Cornwall, or photograph any people I actually know... Our camera does have a zoom but there is a real loss of quality so some pictures will be very challenging to take and may have things in them in a very, very small way....


  1. Omgosh, girl, you have such energy! I am doing well to get my photos off my camera card onto my hard disk. LOL and then uploaded to my flickr, much less time to play with photos. If I were a rich witch I would tho. Looks like awesome fun. Very pretty. :-)

  2. *laugh* why do you think I have a loooong time limit?