Friday, 17 April 2009

Renee's Award

Ann has given me this lovely award, right back at you! Go have a look at Ann's altered art and her lovely little paper dolls!

It was started by Bella and Ces to honour their friend Renee.

I now need to pass it on to eight artists I admire and there in lies the difficult bit! Eight! Only eight! How hard is that?

Well here they are!

I found Sue sometime ago and she has two blogs one for doodles and another for mandalas and both are full of gorgeous art.

Dianne has a lovely range of art, from proper arty drawings to luxuriant collages. Her recent Kandinsky inspired pieces are divine!

Thalia Took creates beautiful Goddess art that shows the many, many faces of woman. I love reading about her different Goddesses and what they have to say...

Magic Cochin is an illustrator and print maker. On her blog she talks about many things but you have to go see her latest print...

I only just found Misty but I was impelled to look through her blog and I fell in love, over and over again. Her dragons, her faeries, her lighters, her jewellery. She is one prolific lady!

Go have a look at the little folk of Bone Head Studios... They are ever so endearing!

Suzi is a calligrapher and she makes words into art. The words she chooses always speak volumes and she truly makes them come alive...

Aimeslee shows me what is possible in the world of multi-media creativity and I hope someday to have some measure of her skill...

There is of course one other person I have to honour - I admire my blog soul sister Mel and her path seems to so often mirror my own. So much so, I don't think I can be entirely objective, she has to sit at the top there everytime!


  1. Wow, Rose what an honor, as we all know art is something we have to do to keep our minds, I am truely happy you and other people can enjoy it what I do. Your blogs are wonderful Rose, I'm happy to have found you!

  2. bloody heck rose, now i "have" to look at all those inspiring links & spend ages skipping through blogland, lol... its going to be so hard... not!

    Thankyou for including me amongst the wealth of treasures that are out there x

  3. omGosh, I am {{{so}}} touched! I only read your comment on my blog that I was tagged, I did not know the particulars of the tag. You are so sweet (and really easy to please, *grins*). Wow, I'll have the biggest head all week struttin around, THANKS! xoxo