Sunday, 19 April 2009


It isn't that I haven't been creating - it is just that carrying my laptop up to my scanner and making room on my craft table amongst the drying things only happens when I have time.... This piece and the butterfly swirl piece have taken quite a bit of time and have had various drying stages.... I know this piece is a little late but hey...

The bottom layer is some nice bright wrapping paper. Pictures were stuck on top and then light green coloured gesson smeared over. I then added the tissue paper rainbow leading to the card eggs. I wrote Wordsworth poem about daffodils in gold pen down the middle and the story of Easter over the rainbow (the one where the Goddess comes to earth on a rainbow to heal a bird but the wings were too broken so she made it into a hare that laid brightly coloured eggs and whose appeareance each year ushers in Spring).

Over the picture of Mary discovering the stone rolled away from the tomb I drew a sun in gold and used chalks to colour it like a sunrise. I then added a gold frame and added a little gold to the whole piece. I added the names of Easter and other Easter time festivals in green metallic paint around the border.

The Easter picture is from a childs book, the old picture is of the Goddess and I found it on wikipedia, the little passover picture was from a website giving free Jewish clipart, the hare is from my llewyllns calendar, the hot cross buns music is from a childs nursery rhyme book. My favourite picture is the one in the middle by artist Thalia Took who kindly allowed me to use her work here.

I am not sure how much I like it - I think i have a lot to learn about using pictures in my work...


  1. I really like the way this has come together...I, too, struggle with using pictures but I find the more I just fiddle about, the happier I am with stuff....mostly though, I just really enjoy it!

  2. Oh I enjoyed it. I guess I want to do my best work for anything to celebrate my faith and I just kinda feel there is something I am not getting when it comes to using pictures...