Friday, 10 April 2009


It has become obvious that I am not going to get five people to take part from my small set of followers, not that I blame them - some of them sell their artistic endeavours, some just don't have time, there would be as many reasons as there are people...

However, there are a whole bunch of other people who have already signed up to this, who are also struggling to find five people....

Is this cheating?

I have no idea but having decided I want to make five things for five people within a year, I don't care...


  1. I don't care either...should we amend the 'offer' and remove the strings...? OOOHH! A blog-swap without obligation.....:)

  2. *laugh* We might have to!

  3. Ladies...I'm with you on anything you choose! I WILL be sending something to each of you who has signed up for this on all your blogs.If you signed up on 2 I am going to send you 2 things!!! Despite others selling their work..wouldn't you think they started out somewhere,have a blog of their own..and maybe,just maybe,would like to share just because it would make 5 other people happy? Isn't that what it's all about and in life too? Let me know how you want to handle this...but all of you..expect to get something made by me just for you..because!!!

  4. Oh I so agree Ann! I know everyone starts somewhere but I also know how time can take get taken over. I make jewellery but I hit a wall about Christmas time and I just can't enjoy making it right now, I have just made too much! I can imagine for those who earn a living by being creative must sometimes feel like this by the end of a day, or week, or month, or year, or lifetime of good solid creative work....

    I WANT to make things for five people - hence my cheating! *grin*

  5. Hello! I started this with you so I shall appoint myself Queen of the Matter (in a Mary Engelbreit kinda way). And the point is to spread art and care...and if that means you cross-post, cross-pollinate, well, then go right ahead. How's that? The Queen of the Matter has spoken. I mean, who's gonna sue ya? winkwink

  6. *laugh* most excellent decision oh Queen of the Matter!