Saturday, 11 April 2009


These pages have started life in various ways - either experimenting with new supplies or using up bits of paint....
Black left over acyrlic with green coloured gesso over and finally left over gold acrylic.

Words - each layer has words starting with a different letter of the alphabet and goes in a different dirrection. I used kids metallic markers - more pearly than metallic!

Experimenting with some new kids window paints and glitter glues... I love the softest of this page.

I played with a new multi coloured ink pad and the bag of little creative type I found from the things I saved when my Dad retired as a printer. The green is left over gesso and the words matched the type - the past does indeed seem to live on in me, from one generation to the next.

Experimentation splodges with ink stamper pens and some new stamps - I need practice at stamping!


  1. what a great assortment of backgrounds...good way to get the art journal going! especially fascinated by the texture created by the written looks like something woven. thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving a comment, I really appreciate it! I enjoyed visiting here and will be back...

  2. These are great! And all ready for....something, some day...:)

  3. Oh, these backgrounds are luscious! Green gesso? All I have found here in the states is white, black and clear. Y'alls gesso comes in colors? Too cool (or did you mix in green paint...which is also cool...I wanted to do that the other night.)

  4. I have only clear gesso and I make it into whatever colour I want with acrylic. I add more or less paint depending on how translucent I want it. I like playing with it...

  5. Had to come back to this to tell you these spreads are very appealing--I esp. like the one that looks like you jst swiped it with markers.