Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Godiva and May

I have a picture in my head and I wish I could get it out....

I had looked at some images of Godiva and found this lovely picture (where I can't remember). Godiva is linked to May, I read this on a blog but I can't remember which either.

The images of Godiva and this picture and may poles with ribbons have recombined in my head to give a face with bright swathes of hair flowing out and covering the page like ribbons. I wish I felt I had the skill to get it there....


  1. *sigh* I have that same problem quite often...what's in my head, can't seem to make it into reality quite as I envision it. Perhaps I'm trying too hard....

  2. What an amazingly gorgeous picture!!

  3. I know... I wish I had this sort of talent!