Sunday, 26 April 2009

Trevithick Day Scavenger Hunt

If you want to know where the images come from then read on....

1) local currency
This is a special edition £2 coin commerorating Trevithick.

2) local flag
I really expected to find a St Piran's Flag (Cornish Flag) which is black with a white cross but I didn't... This was a tiny flag on the windscreen of a vintage Mini Cooper on display.

3) local food
Cornwall is famous for clotted cream, and the icecream made from clotted cream. This is an icecream van selling Cornish clotted cream icecream.

4) something rusty
Well it used to be rusty! This is the water pump that used to power the organ in the chapel where the flower festival was. It has been fully restored and pictures of how it used to be were displayed behind it.

5) local wildlife
Well.... At the flower festival, celebrating God's Wonderful Word, this was my favourite display, entitled Kingfisher... Hence wildlife...

6) Local nature
The trees and stuff are all nature but I wanted to squeeze in a picture of the Battle Stone or Maen Cadorath. It once resided elsewhere, between villages called Gwithian and Gwinear and was said to commerorate a battle with each dot and line remembering a death in this battle. It was moved in 1904. I think this is typical of christianity in Cornwall - Celtic Christianity which grew from the people and landscape as well as from the cult of Christianity is somehow a little mroe forgiving of things that might be deemed pagan - it adopts them whole and swallows them up, adding them to itself in recognisable form so little is lost.

7) local stamp
Not exciting stamps, sorry but there are some nice Finnish stamps there to.

8) part of your neighbourhood
View down the main street.

9) traditional house
A typical street with typical granite terrace houses.

10) a local person
Commercial Square with the Holman Male Voice Choir singing - if there isn't a local somewhere in this picture then....

11) local weather
Another display from the flower festival entitled Storm.

12) local transportation
A replica of the Puffin' Devil, the first ever steam powered mobile transportation device, created by Trevithick.

13) traditional local clothing
The children's dance in which the girls dress as Bal Maidens (the ladies who waited at the mine entrances to process the ore) and the boys as miners.

14) night sky
From my back door...

15) sunrise
Very cloudy day so the sun didn't really rise, the cloud cover just got lighter.... Again from my back door.

16) local product (non-food)
Craft fair stall showing carved wooden bowls and vases.

17) something furry
A dog...

18) something feathery
Penzamba samba band member with lovely feathery headress.

19) a sign of the season
Primroses and wild garlic growing on an old grave in Camborne Churchyard, just round the corner from the Battle Stone.

20) a part of you
An accidental photo...

21) your main hobby

22) a local shop
A fabric shop which had a lovely display to commemorate Trevithick Day.

23) a local restaurant
Tyacks is an 18th century Coaching Inn which is now a hotel, pub and restaurant. They often have live bands as well. All of the buildings shown are part of the hotel.

24) a street sign
Union street

25) a local mailbox
A mailbox in the corner with the Golowan Band in the background.


  1. What a great the's not on my list but would be heaps of fun to do anyway...

  2. hallo luv. I finally mailed off my post card to you from trading frenzy, so look for it this week. an atc i sent to sweden got there in 3 freaking days, first class. from texas. amazing. anyway, don't feel bad that it took so long time to mail off, you probably beat HAVE sent me the circles card, right?

    ok, i don't really understand the post crossing thing but i'm glad you are having fun with it, and the hello kitty card was so cute.

    y'alls fair sounds like tons o fun. wish we had those kind of things here.

    oh, and LOVE the rainbow journaling on your page and how it flows out of the easter eggs. too cool.


  3. Hey Hun

    Postcard went in the post yesterday!

    Postcrossing is fun, I am really enjoying it...