Friday, 24 April 2009

Orphaned Postcards!

Postmuse has a very interesting project. A large collection of blank postcards with no stamps, or postmarks, or writing. Claim a postcard and it will be sent to you, to write on and send back. You don't have to live in the place the postcard shows, just having visited it is enough...

I claimed three and they arrived today. I had to scan them in....

I have a picture of Cadgwith, a postcard showing old engravings of Kew Gardens and a map of Cornwall. Luckily I get to go post things tomorrow so off they will go again....

Can you help a poor orphaned postcard?


  1. I'm in California.....if you have one,let me know. I love postcards from everywhere and I love old ones too. I looked on your list,but didn't see any I could do for you.

  2. Hey Ann

    It isn't me, it's Postmuse. If you follow the link in my post to their blog you will see a link on the right that says something like and here is my amazing spreadsheet, click on the here and it will take you to it. At the top there is a tab saying USA, click on it an scroll down and you will find a bunch for Claifornia!